Biochemical Pharmaceutical Factory of Zhuhai S.E.Z

Biochemical Pharmaceutical Factory of Zhuhai S.E.Z Is a large-scale, comprehensive national GMP certification of modern pharmaceutical companies, to create a large-scale production platform. The production form is complete, including freeze-drying, freeze-dried powder injection, injection, infusion, tablets, capsules, granules, spray and nearly ten formulations and raw materials, have all passed the national GMP certification, and small volume injection production workshop is under construction. The production workshop is preferred advanced production line of the new century in China, many devices are touch screen control or remote control computer, testing equipment and key production equipment are mostly imported equipment, is an advanced equipment of the pharmaceutical enterprises. After more than and 20 years of unremitting efforts, the company with excellent product quality and accurate product efficacy, in the pharmaceutical industry has established a good reputation and corporate image.


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