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  "Technology is people-oriented", talent is the most precious asset of the company. Zhuhai homologous pharmaceutical industry is committed to the development of high-tech, and has always attached great importance to cultivating, stocking and recruiting outstanding talents.


  The company not only retains people through treatment, but the company is more willing to retain people through business and keep people in love. The company provides each employee with competitive compensation and benefits, and provides a personalized opportunity to fully demonstrate the talents of their employees, enabling them to continuously improve in a challenging work environment.


  The company has established a talent pooling and training mechanism. Each employee can find a position suitable for their own development according to their own strengths, so that employees can gain a sense of belonging, respect, and identity, and realize self-worth in a good working atmosphere.


  The company adheres to the principle of fair and benign competition, and provides an excellent job development platform for every talent. The company does its best to make it possible for people to be suitable and suitable for their own growth.


  The company has long-term recruitment of senior pharmaceutical professionals in the society, and only recruits, gender is not limited, and household registration is not limited.


  We need high-quality cultural accomplishments and good business quality, and we can work together with Zhuhai's homologous pharmaceutical industry to work together to create talents with excellent character in the same boat. We warmly welcome people with lofty ideals who have the skills and talents to join the Zhuhai homologous pharmaceutical industry!

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